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【tribe】Melancholy Hopeful (CD)

marcus D

  • NEW
¥ 2,381 (in tax)  Currency conversion
Item Code: TRCD3
Label : tribe
Release : 2012/6/6
Category: MUSIC > CD
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Track List

1 Don't Hold Ya Breath (ft. Funky DL)
2 Third Person (ft. One Be L)
3 Melancholy Hopeful (ft. Cise Star)
4 Fly (ft. Choklate)
5 Titania
6 All Around the World (ft. LaRue & Steph)
7 Kindred Spirit (ft. Emancipator)
8 One People (ft. Shing02)
9 Continuous Dream (ft. Pismo)
10 Nocturne of Love
11 Street's Lament (ft. Luck One)
12 Misanthropy
13 Universal Language (ft. Substantial & Steph)
14 Distant Worlds (ft. Awon)
15 Inasense
16 Night on the Town (ft. Cise Star, Substantial & Funky DL)
17 Pain & Possibility


Marcus D, known for collaborating with Shing02 and Substantial, the most promising producer & beat maker in the scene, is releasing his new album from Tribe, the Hydeout Productions’ office shop. With dedication to his music, this album brought artists who also represent the sound of Hydeout Production featuring Shing02, Funky DL, Substantial, Cise Star, Emancipator, etc.

Talent sparked from this 23 years old young producer, brought us a colorful and energetic sound titled “Melancholy Hopeful.” In this album which is his 2nd full-length album, he fully expressed his world vision and music skills after the release of his 1st single.

“Marcus D is constantly facing music to continue producing his music sincerely and strictly.”- Tribe

In this album, a star-studded cast was featured as if each of them follows his sincere faith toward music: Substantial known as his partner/MC in their unit group Bop Alloy, Funky DL who is leading the Hip Hop scene from UK to the world, Shing02, from the legendary classic Luv (sic) series with Nujabes, Cise Star known as a lead MC with his outstanding rhyming skills from Miami’s underground hip hop group, CYNE, and much more. Marcus D’s careful selections of featuring artists added colors to this album. While enhancing unique talents of each of highly skilled artists, he created a perfect sync between their potential talents and his own musical styles. His melodious and nostalgic sound brings us to a trip to discover him and his world view. This album is released and sponsored by Hydeout Productions’ official shop Tribe, which has released Five Deez, 4hero’s Marc Mac and much more. We would like you to enjoy sound of Marcus D, pure and elegant; a young man who truly loves music.